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Private educational institution of higher education
13, Gornaya street, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603062
Phones: +7 831 4656660, +7 831 4656765
Research Work and Consulting Services

Research work and consulting services are regularly conducted at NIMB. The activites were guided by such famous scientists as Professors  V.I. Vikhorev, Professor V.A. Kozhin, NIMB's former  Vice-President for Research, Ph.D. (doctor of economics), Professor A.P. Egorshin, Ph.D. (Doctor of Economics), President of NIMB, Professor A.L. Mazin , Chair, Department of Economics, Professor A.K. Vatolin,  Ph.D (Doctor of Economics)

The main directions of the scientific and consulting activities at NIMB are as follows:

  • the transfer of state-owned businesses and organizations to rent;
  • economic assistance in privatizing state-owned  businesses;
  • organizing  Russian and regional conferences, exhibitions and publishing thematic collections of of scientific works and conference materials;
  • consulting and assisting in the sphere of economic, managerial, marketing and psychological problems for various businesses and organizations;
  • research work to work out the strategies of the development of economic systems: businesses, organizations, districts, cities and regions;
  • training highly-qualified scientists (doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences) on the basis of the post-graduate course and the Regional interuniversity doctoral dissertations council;
  • research in the sphere of the strategic management of higher education together with the institutes of RAO (the Russian Academy of Education);
  • performing the functions of the scientific centre of strategic research in the sphere of social sciences RAN (the Russian Academy of Sciences).

NIMB has done over thirty-eight  scientific and consulting projects for various businesses and organizations. The following projects should be mentioned: Strategies for Socio-economic Development of such cities as N. Novgorod, Kirov, etc; various parts of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast; of such large businesses as the open stock companies  “The Steel Company of Bor”, “The Zavolzhye Engine Factory”, etc.

Conferences hosted by NIMB

The institute has a great experience in providing scientific conferences in the sphere of strategic management, the personnel management and business education. In the conferences famous scientists take active part (such academics as A.G. Aganbegyan, A.G. Granberg, D.S. Lvov and N.D. Nikandrov, President of the Russian Academy of Education).

Regional Intercollegiate Council

IC was founded in 2002 for defending theses in Economics and National Economy Management.  Since 2002 more than 60 theses for Candidate of Economics degree (Ph.D. equivalent in Russia) and 9 Doctor of Economics degrees (above Ph.D. level) have been defended and approved by the High Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation.