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Private educational institution of higher education
13, Gornaya street, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603062
Phones: +7 831 4656660, +7 831 4656765
Higher Education

Forms of higher education

  • Full-time
  • Part-time (end-of-term sessions)
  • Part-time (at weekends)
  • Part-time (on-line education)

Social-support program of on-line education

It is offered to physically handicapped students with certain health problems, to old-age pensioners, military pensioners and women on child care leave.

Students who have enrolled on-line education programs do not have to attend lectures, consultations or examinations, all work is done via Internet and e-mail correspondence. All they need is an access to a computer with a web-camera and Internet connection.

Students are admitted throughout the year, courses beginning quarterly. All students are provided with an access to the Internet and course e-books. Such students are given twenty percent discounts from the base price  annually for the whole period of their studies at NIMB.

On-line Internet education at NIMB is one of the most convenient ways of acquiring a new profession or speciality.

The Institute is subdivided into four departments and one school: